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Swimming pool construction: for those looking for relaxation, recreation and wellness in the water we offer the design, construction and maintenance of swimming pools, fountains and SPA. We cater to all types of customers: public bodies, sports and accommodation facilities, private. We take care of the management and maintenance of the plants, completing the offer a wide selection from the catalog and specialized laboratory services.


Our pools are tailor-made: starting from the setting, the use you want to make and the desired “quality level” – also linked to an availability of expenditure that must necessarily be defined a priori – we design and create the ideal structure for everyone.

For those who are looking for a quick and easy solution we also offer pools in kit, ie with complete supplies (tank, coating, water treatment plant) in combinations of shapes and sizes predefined, which guarantee significant advantages in terms of construction time and costs. These kit pools can sometimes be assembled by craftsmen and do-it-yourself.

In both cases we look for a solution that meets all the needs of the customer and the requirements of a well-made pool.

What are they?

A swimming pool is first of all an architectural element that must be aesthetically inserted in an environmental context. It is composed of a tank, its waterproofing and a water treatment plant. These three elements must form a whole, and must be designed together if we want to ensure that the tank meets the fundamental functional and aesthetic requirements, that there are no leaks, and that the water is always perfect and pure to ensure safe bathing.

The IGPools approach aims to optimize the container and contents by identifying the type of tank, optimal waterproofing, and the most suitable water treatment, from the classic chemical treatment to the most advanced, completely environmentally and skin friendly. We offer three types of tanks, three types of coating and four types of water treatment; the targeted combination of these alternatives allows us to create the best pool possible for each customer.

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For the pool area of our IGPools pools, we have three options available: tanks in innovative prefabricated reinforced concrete panels (which are the highest-quality), traditional concrete masonry tanks, and tanks in prefabricated steel panels. Each type of tank has its pros and cons.

Both panel solutions, although structurally distinct, have numerous and important advantages over the cast concrete solution in place: the limitation of the necessary building works and the related calculations of the reinforced cements, the speed of installation, the ease of assembly even in areas difficult to serve, the advantage of having the walls of the pool perfectly straight, smooth and self-supporting.

The traditional structures in reinforced concrete cast on the spot guarantee greater freedom in the choice of the internal shape of the pool, and guarantee a high durability, but compared to prefabricated tanks are lower quality as surface finishes of the tank interior, more laborious in the realization and generally more expensive.

The prefabricated concrete structures have the same duration as the concrete swimming pools, so from a qualitative point of view they are considered the best.

The prefabricated steel structures are the most economical, but the durability (due to the slow corrosion of the steel) is much lower than the concrete ones, so they can be installed only in dry soils and not very aggressive on the material.

For all 3 types of structure there are more alternatives for the internal coating and however many customizations in aesthetics, accessories and the type of water treatment that, from the user’s point of view, It is healthily more important than all the other aspects put together, because if the water is not pure the usability of the pool itself is lacking.


Among the different types of internal coating (paints, resins, fiberglass, tiles, mosaics, reinforced PVC sheets and PVC liners) for our pools IGPools we offer only the last 3 solutions, provided that the customer can always ask us to use the technologies he prefers.

The choice depends on aesthetic and functional evaluations.


The mosaic ensures an aesthetic result of great impact and elegance, but it is a coating that requires a waterproofing of the bath with elastic mortar, an expert and precise laying work and a careful maintenance of the joints. How intuitive the mosaic (like the tile) is a rigid material and by its nature “fragmented”. Over the years this rigidity can lead to the detachment of some mosaic tiles in the case of any differential sagging of the tank: the detachment does not create damage to the structure of the tank and the coating, but represents a temporary aesthetic problem, easily healed.


Reinforced PVC coatings are sheets applied to the tank by cutting and welding by overlapping. They are composed of two layers of waterproof material interposed and reinforced by a network capable of increasing solidity and resistance over time. This solution allows a wide customization of the pool thanks to the possibility of choosing between many colors and decorations, both flat and embossed. The average life of a coating of this type is about 15 years. Since the sheets are flexible and leaned in the tank as a large bag crushed by water against the walls and the bottom of the tank, there is no risk that any sagging will affect their integrity, and with it the waterproofing of the tank. The cost of coating with PVC sheets is lower than that of mosaic, both because it combines aesthetic functionality with that of waterproofing, and because the cost of the material and laying are lower.


The third solution – the PVC Liner – consists of an industrially manufactured “bag” having the exact shape of the inside of the tank: the liner has the same functional characteristics as the PVC sheets, but it is aesthetically better as it does not have overlaps between the strips of cloth and therefore has a homogeneous thickness. It’s also the cheapest solution of all. Another advantage of the Liner is that, after years of service and wear, it is easily replaceable, as is done with a removable sofa.

The coverings in sheets or PVC Liners, although with different yields and durations and in any case lower than those of the mosaic, are nowadays practical solutions, economical and more than valid both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

3 – POOL CONSTRUCTION: water treatment

Water treatment is the technical heart of the pool: water quality is a fundamental factor for the health and well-being of bathers, a fundamental aspect to be carefully considered during the design phase, construction and subsequent maintenance of a swimming pool.

Keeping water pure and safe is not as trivial as you might think, it requires expertise and consistency.

Our priority is to ensure that the pool water is free of infectious substances, dust, mold, dirt, thereby ensuring safe bathing from a hygienic point of view, no discomfort to bathers caused by odors or irritants and a good durability of the coating.

The technical solutions we offer for the treatment of pool water (public or private) are four, progressive in order of quality and environmental sustainability: Basic, Superior, Chlorine Free and Ultra Green.


It is a solution that is based on the use of a standard sand filter for water purification, on an optimized recirculation mechanism, on a system of control of the electrical system through a modular panel with daily clock and on the administration of the chemical treatment by means of a metering device. It is essentially a very simple and “classic” chemical treatment, which however we size exceeding the minimum regulatory requirements, in order to maximize the purification yields and ensure in every situation the safety of bathing.


It provides the same type of filtration and disinfection of the Basic solution, but made with technically better devices (“superior” in fact): a very robust fiberglass laminate filter, high efficiency thanks to the particular distribution of water in the filter mass, an automatic control system of the electrical system and a chemical treatment with salt sterilizer and pump for the automatic regulation of pH. So, in this case too, disinfection is chemical, but automation greatly simplifies the work of running the plant and the mechanical characteristics of the materials give guarantees of long life.


It is a system that was born as an alternative to chlorine-based chemical disinfection (in itself complex because of the difficulties that the dosage, storage and handling of the same) that is very easy to manage. The disinfection in this case is with Ultra Violet rays, with automatic dosage of oxidant and an automatic system for pH regulation. This solution is particularly suitable for indoor installations due to the absence of chlorine vapours, for swimming pools with sea water and for users allergic to chlorine.


Finally, we propose Ultra Green, a unique solution that guarantees the complete elimination of turbidity and the elimination of any substance or organism larger than 0.03 microns (NB: one micron is one thousandth of a millimeter), including therefore viruses and bacteria, thanks to ultrafiltration, which takes place in special filters with automatic washing. With ultrafiltration, the use of chlorine (or bromine) is minimized because viruses and bacteria are already retained by the same filter and the disinfectant is only used to leave a minimum amount of active product in the pool. This process produces super transparent and very clean water; the realization of the whole system with superior quality materials and the final yield in terms of water quality makes IGPools Ultra Green the best choice for your pool.


For swimming pools with prefabricated pool we also offer the sale in kit, which includes the supply and transport at the construction site of the structure, the coating, all the material necessary to build the water treatment plant, including the prefabricated technical compartment, pipes etc. Assembly is excluded, which can also be done by craftsmen or do-it-yourself.

In terms of tank, coating and water treatment, an IGPools pool sold in kit has the same characteristics of a customized pool, with the difference that it is supplied in shapes and sizes predefined and selectable from the catalog, with significant advantages in terms of economic savings and delivery times.

The IGPools pools in kit come from the combination of thirty years of experience in the field, the in-depth technical knowledge accumulated in the company and the collaboration with quality partners.

We have developed two lines of pools with prefabricated structures in steel panels – IGPools Comfort – and in concrete panels – IGPools Plus+.

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We realize systems for public and private fountains, with or without water games. We deal with pumping, water treatment for recirculation and the reduction of consumption, electrical functionality and continuous maintenance. Over the years we have contributed with our work to beautify squares and gardens, animating them with the clean roar of water.

SPA – Salus per Aquam

Our experience in water treatment and in the construction of swimming pools is easy to approach to the world of wellness. In addition to providing services related to the water used in ad hoc pools in small and large spas, from purification to hydromassage jets, from showers to drains, we also provide cabins for the Finnish sauna for installation in public or private spaces.


We handle the management of large public and private pools and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance for all types of customers. Our offers – modulated according to the specific needs of the interlocutor – may include monitoring through laboratory analysis, continuous water treatment, supply of chemical products, seasonal opening and closing services, on-call surgeries.


We offer management services according to customer needs, with packages ranging from seasonal interventions of opening and closing of the pools together with the washing and storage of the covers to periodic visits scheduled for cleaning and dosing of chemical reagents, thorough cleaning operations for particular events or even the regular supply with reagent dosing and on-site control of water quality.


We range from the renovation of swimming pools, including their design, to repairs on faults with the possible rental of replacement machines for as long as necessary for repair or new supply. For professional customers we also intervene with periodic and preventive maintenance plans to minimize plant downtime on failure.


For public swimming pools we provide periodic monitoring of the water status, in order to guarantee and certify the purity of the same against the user. We can also provide on-demand chemical and microbiological analyses aimed at solving specific problems.


Our store is open to the public from Monday to Friday and offers a wide range of chemicals, spare parts, accessories and technologies for swimming pools of all types and sizes. We also sell, rent and are delivery center for repair of robots Maytronics (world leader in the industry).


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