In ambulatories and hospital we treat water for civil and medical uses, using filtration, softening, disinfection and possibly demineralization plants. We follow the treatment of the same starting from the withdrawal to the discharge, passing through the various specialized declinations necessary for the operation of complex structures such as medical ones and dealing with the treatment of purification where necessary. We work for dental offices, laboratories, pharmacies and hospital departments (especially in stomatology, dialysis and infectious discharges). We follow the management and maintenance of the plants with availability H24, 7 days a week.


For all primary uses of water we are able to supply, size and install systems of different brands and types.

As a Culligan service center we are sub-contractors for some contracts with Global Services, especially for dialysis departments. We also work with specialized facilities such as dental practices or pharmaceutical laboratories.

For Culligan implants, we also offer on-call or full risk maintenance and support services.

Our on-call service in the FVG region is active 7 days a week, H24, with response times for calls interventions generally lower than market standards.

Our technicians have the qualifications to operate on medical plants.

Beyond the specialized treatment ad hoc for medical use, the company also takes care of the civil component (treatment of water for hospital use, canteens and residential services such as thermal plants, laundries, etc.).


We also deal with the treatment of contaminated water outgoing and more generally the discharges of hospital facilities and infectious departments.

For all other residential services refer to the page dedicated to accommodation facilities.

scarichi ospedalieri


We are a company based in Trieste, rooted in the North East of Italy and also operating in Istria. Our services cover all the needs of customers in the area, with interventions available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We manage the operation of customers’ plants by controlling water quality and regulating instrumentation and machinery. We apply periodic management contracts that provide scheduled visits and we support customers in resolving all plant and non-plant problems that may arise throughout the life cycle of their plants. For large plants we can also perform remote controls thanks to our dedicated software.


At the clinics and nursing homes we offer annual contracts for preventive maintenance of the implants with possible extension of the guarantees. With our maintainers we intervene on call on faults for extraordinary maintenance. We identify solutions for the improvement and modernization of obsolete plants.


Our internal laboratory works to guarantee the quality of the treatments we provide, accompanying them to monitoring plans by analysis on samples. We perform control analysis in compliance with the protocols imposed by the structures where we intervene.


Our shop, open from Monday to Friday at our headquarters in Trieste, is also able to provide spare parts for medical equipment.