Water specialists


IGP Engineering was born as a spin-off of IGP, a highly specialized company founded in 1987, from which it  inherited the vast know-how in the drinking water, wastewater, pumping and swimming pool sector.

IGP Engineering is a family company that deals exclusively with water treatment, from pick up to discharge.

Water is an essential, precious resource and our work is to make it accessible to everyone and suitable for any type of use. In over 30 years of activity we have specialized in systems that treat any type of water and we cover the needs of private, industrial and public customers somehow dealing with the water cycle. 

While in the past IGP had mainly focused on the executive design and turnkey construction of plants, in IGP Engineering the main activity is the customer support for all issues related to the design and use of plants, throughout their life cycle.

Thanks to the experience inherited by IGP through the direct transition of technicians from one company to the other, today we are able to offer specialistic projects, the management and maintenance of plants, chemical analysis – done in our internal laboratory, wholesale and retail (in our shop in Trieste) of machines, spare parts, technical materials, water treatment chemicals and innovative software technologies – such as Asia and WaterIT – internally developed for the automation of water treatment processes.

In IGP Engineering we also deal with the construction of fountains and swimming pools with our brand IGPools.

IGP Engineering Trieste