In collaboration with a local specialist partner, Servernet, we have developed two innovative software products designed to improve our work and the environment.

ASIA – Advanced System of Intelligent Aeration

ASIA is an algorithm that constantly monitors the biological process of a biological wastewater treatment plant and controls the aeration/mixing system in order to maximize the yields of the purification process and minimize consumption.

The idea of creating ASIA was born after many years of experience in process design, especially in the wastewater treatment sector. We asked ourselves: how can we improve the efficiency of the plants, minimizing their environmental impact? The result was this innovative, versatile and economical firmware, developed with the precious support of Servernet.

asia system

For multiutilities managing public water treatment services and for industrial wastewater companies, the added value of ASIA lies primarily in the possibility to reduce the ecological footprint of the water treatment activity, reducing at the same time the energy consumption. But there are other costs of extreme interest to our customers, which can be reduced: the operating costs, that our software can significantly reduce, at the same time improving the quality of waste water and always respecting – even in the case of variable pollutant loads – the emission limits laid down by law.

Our product guarantees continuous control and can be integrated in WaterIT, a specific system for the water sector that allows the user to remotely and flexibly manage the entire purification process.

ASIA has shown concrete results, as certified by the official technical reports produced as a result of its test on different types of WWT plants.

To learn more view the presentation below.

IGP-Core e modulo ASIA
logo water it

WaterIT is a latest generation software system with monitoring and control functions for process plants, the industrial plants that transform the raw material in order to obtain another material, with different characteristics  through a combination of automatically controlled physical, chemical and biological transformations. An example of a process plant is the wastewater treatment plant.

WaterIT is a system of integration to automation, able to provide operators with a unified web interface and with all the real-time information on the different plants, allowing them to intervene remotely.

The system – developed by Servernet with our technical support – is a complement to any existing automation as it does not involve any modification of the systems on which it is installed, nor requires any special app. It works namely with a simple HTML5 browser and is accessible from any smart device. It ensures continuity of operation even in the event of a system fall and can also integrate a maintenance management application that allows you to operate in full mobility.

Unlike other SCADA, this software was created with the specific objective of effectively managing process systems, in a simple and intuitive way.

To learn more view the presentation below.