For over thirty years we have been dealing with the entire production water cycle, from the collection to the discharge. Whatever the need of your company, if that need concerns water then you are in the right place. The services we can provide range from management advice for the optimization of water cycles and the choices of the most suitable technologies, to the design, commissioning, operation and maintenance of special water treatment plants with on-call services 7 days a week. With the laboratory and our shop we then cover the requests for analysis and supply of machines, spare parts and reagents. We also offer a pump rental service.


We are the right interlocutors for you if you are looking for specialists able to treat the network water or well that you use within your companies, making it suitable for the most diverse industrial primary uses, using technologies and air conditioning systems, filtration, disinfection, demineralisation, softening or use of membranes.

As a service center for the industrial sector of Culligan (world leader in primary water treatment with over 800 dealers in 90 countries) we can select for you, supply and install plants with Culligan technologies, for which we also propose “contract coupons” for ordinary maintenance or “full risk management”.

Over the years we have accumulated experience taking care of the quality of the water used in companies operating in very different sectors: agri-food, mechanical, steel and many more.


Since 1980 we have had experience with all the technologies of the purification of civil and industrial waste, from small compact plants to biorollers, to large and large plants of type SBR, MBR, adhesive mass, combined cycles, phytodepuration included.

We design pre-purification and pumping plants located on the sewerage systems, and final purifiers with primary, secondary, tertiary and excess sludge treatment lines.

Our approach to any problem is interdisciplinary and as such comprehensive.

The availability of calculation models, the knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the various technologies, the continuous updating of legislation and best practices, the direct experiences of management of biological purification plants of all sizes (up to 200,000 Equivalent Inhabitants), and in summary the all-round experience of the water world, provide any customer with a guarantee that we are able to understand his specific problem and to identify and size the solution that best meets his needs, whether technical, administrative or economic.

We not only take care of the project, we also coordinate the implementation and we take care of testing and commissioning, because in addition to being designers we are conductors and maintainers, and this constitutes for the customer an additional guarantee of good operation and efficiency of the plants.

We also have experience of running sewage treatment plants and as conductors we assume administrative responsibility according to the provisions of Legislative Decree 231/2001; Our H24 on-call service for critical systems ensures call-in times that exceed market standards.

trattamento acque depurazione


Thirty years of work in the field with hydrovore plants, sewerage lifts, pumping of industrial and construction water, dosing pumps of chemical reagents, with pumps of all possible brands, are the guarantee that we can choose the right pumps for every situation, for each type of fluid, for any pressure or head, also taking into account maintenance costs and energy saving needs.

Thanks to the internal expertise in the field of PLC and Inverter we are able to design complex systems, with automatic adjustments thrusts and logic of containment of consumption.


For our customers we also take care of the automation and remote management of physical, chemical and biological processes on water treatment plants, tracing with them the best path to achieve the desired industrial result.

We design electrical systems, including automation switchboards with related PLCs, inverters, local networks and control instruments.

Thanks to our knowledge of process engineering combined with knowledge of electrical engineering/ electronics / computer science you can find in us an expert “System Integrator” for the problems of the water sector.

In recent years we have also developed, in collaboration with Servernet – an information technology company active in Trieste’s Area Science Park, two innovative software products named respectively ASIA (Advanced System of Intermittent Aeration) and, thanks to which our customers can respectively maximize the yields of biological purification and effectively control in an automated way the plant management processes, with a clear improvement of the results and an appreciable reduction of the costs.

asia water system
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We are a company based in Trieste, rooted in the North East of Italy and also operating in Istria. Our services cover all the needs of local customers.


We were born as processors, specialized in wastewater treatment. Today we manage water treatment plants for the entire industrial water cycle (drinking water, technological, waste), dealing with the operational management, any aspects of authorization, water quality controls, the dehydration and disposal of sludge and projects to improve or modernise the plant. We guarantee the remote control and control of the same thanks to our software ASIA and Water.IT and we are structured to intervene H24, 7/7 in emergency conditions. We are equipped with a Quality System within which we also operate within the scope of the delegations provided by dlgs 231. On request we can train the staff of the customer companies in the management of their plants.


We are specialized in the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the typical machinery of water treatment plants (filters, softeners, pumps, agitators, instrumentation, blowers, etc.) and we provide both planned and continuous preventive maintenance services, both on-call interventions also under H24 availability. With our mobile workshops we are able to intervene on the spot; workshop repairs are carried out on site or with qualified and carefully selected suppliers. We can support the maintenance teams of the industrial plants for the specialized activities of the water sector.


Our sales office and shop are available to industries that need to buy machines and tools, valves, pipes and fittings, technical materials, chemicals, spare parts and accessories.

Our Service technicians are able to provide after-sales technical support on request.

We also rent pumps (submersible and dosing machines) and blowers.


The analysis laboratory is a valuable support for process analysis on water treatment and waste water control plants.

Depending on the problem to be analyzed we set appropriate sampling plans for the customer, which we perform with automatic samplers or manually. Internal Service technicians can also perform on-site analysis with portable instrumentation.

We also offer a “certified” analysis service, necessary for the official requests of the control bodies. We provide the customer with the certificates and the interpretation of the results.

We are also able to replicate in the laboratory the various phases of physical and chemical treatment of water and sludge, in order to simulate the process and define the main operational parameters.

The laboratory is equipped with several portable instruments that are rented, for the measurement in the field of physical quantities (temperature, pressure, flow, electrical measurements) and chemicals (pH, oxygen, free chlorine, redox, hardness, conductivity).