IGP Engineering is an engineering company with unique skills in the water sector (drinking water, wastewater, swimming pools) and in the water-related process automation.

We are different from other competitors because we are not a big engineering company, nor a pure consultancy reality, we are not a construction company, nor a machine manufacturer. We are a small industrial company, specialized and transversal, used to face complexity.

We look at every issue as a whole. We are designers and managers at the same time. We address the customers’specific problems by analysing them within their wider context.

Our interdisciplinary skills and the experience of plant managers with all the various technologies of water treatment are for the customer a guarantee of a complete resolution of all its problems related to the use of water and the performance of its plants.

We are structured to intervene on our territory (Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region and Histrian peninsula in Slovenia and Croatia) 24 hours a day, 7/7.

We do not offer a solution to the customer straight away, but we submit our solution ONLY AFTER having:

– analysed the whole context,

– identified all available solutions,

– chosen the most suitable one.

For us, what matters is to completely solve the customers’ problem and not to simply give them the first available solution answer.

IGP Engineering is small and complex, still simple, like a drop of water.

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We work for multiutilities, consortia and public administrations providing consulting services, management, maintenance and revamping of primary and secondary water treatment plants, pumping systems and automation of water treatment processes. We complete the range of services with laboratory analysis and the sale of spare parts, reagents and machines. We are structured to operate H24.


For those looking for relaxation, recreation and wellness in water, we offer the design, construction and management of swimming pools, fountains and SPAs. We deal with all types of customers: public structures, accommodation and sports facilities, privates. We take care of the management and maintenance, completing the offer with a shop, a wide offer from catalogue and specialized laboratory services.


For over 30 years we have been dealing with the entire production water cycle, from collection to discharge. Whatever the need of your company, if that need concerns water then you are in the right place. Our services range from management consulting for the optimization of water cycles and the choice of the most suitable technologies, to design, commissioning, operation and maintenance of special water treatment plants with on-call services 7 days a week. With the laboratory and our shop we cover the requests for analysis and supply of machines, spare parts and reagents. We also offer a pump rental service.


We’re small, but we do innovate. In collaboration with Servernet, a company flourished at Area Science Park in Trieste, we have developed two innovative software products, designed to improve work and the environment. Our modules are particularly suitable for multiutilities that manage public services related to water treatment and for industrial companies that produce waste water. Meet ASIA and WaterIT.

IGP-Core e modulo ASIA


In the ambulatorial and hospital environment, we treat water for civil and medical uses, following it from the collection to the discharge and passing through the various specialist declinations necessary for the operation of complex structures such as medical ones. We work for dental offices, laboratories, pharmacies and hospital departments ensuring availability where required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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We address ourselves to families, condominium administrations, farms, restaurants, marinas, accommodation facilities and hotels for all needs related to drinking water, wastewater and well. For this type of customers we cover any administrative, technical and operational needs related to water supply and use.

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